Let’s be honest, writing things down is a tried and true method to helping yourself remember something. We all do it, whether it’s on your hand, on a piece of paper, or digitally. We’ve noticed here at IT Support Specialists that when we need to take notes for a client or a meeting, we tend to grab a pen and paper most often. However, there’s a few problems with this method of quick note taking.

First of all, we’re not going to tell you to stop writing things down on paper. It’s a force of habit for us and if it’s something that’s not too important, paper is perfectly fine! Personal notes or quick jottings for your desk are suited for a sticky note or a notecard. But if you take important notes on a piece of paper and you accidentally throw that piece of paper away or misplace it, what are you gonna do about those missing notes? If you think you’ll remember everything you had written down, then good on you! But you could miss some important details.

Paper is also only held by one person unless you make physical copies of it, of course. If it’s a document that someone else in your workplace could benefit from, then you might want to give it to them to look over. But you could run into the same issue as before, what if they lose that important piece of paper?

Things have become so digitized in the past few decades and we’ve been given the ability to backup our computer files online. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could backup your notes as well? The good news is, you certainly can! There are programs and websites out on the internet that allow you to store your notes and files in a centralized spot so they won’t go missing.

OneNote by Microsoft is a great way to backup and type your notes digitally. We have a college student who works with us in-house and she switched over to OneNote this semester for her remote classes. OneNote allows her to store all of her notes in one place, organize them, color code them, and move them around if she needs. She’s also shared a few notes with us through OneNote which eliminates the need for a paper trail. 

Another great thing about OneNote is that there’s an app for it that’s available for download on your phone. By using this app, you can replace writing on your hand or on a piece of paper that you may use. You can take notes anywhere that you’re phone is at!

Some other great options for backing up your notes include Microsoft Teams which allows you to send quick messages to yourself or other people, and Google Drive which allows you to back up any files that you upload to it. Microsoft Teams and Google Drive also have great apps for your phone so you can take your notes anywhere you please.

Choosing the best way to take notes is a personal decision. You need to find out what works best for you and your business needs. The best note taking app is one that fits seamlessly into your own work-life balance. Whether you choose one of our suggestions or you find a reliable tool yourself, we highly suggest you try out the ability to backup your notes online!