ITSS Solution for Client After MPLS Network Mishap

Client Dilemma:  A client of ours was using a MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network that was maintained by Windstream.  Although MPLS networks are usually reliable, this network was a huge hassle for our client.  They could not increase their bandwidth and have had issues with downtime. This resulted in lower productivity and a lot of frustration.

ITSS Challenge: We knew that our client needed a change and worked with them to find a new internet service provider. We built a site to site VPN with a VPN concentrator at their main location.  This means that all communications (phone and data) run through their new network.  Then, we took the existing PRI and converted it to SIP accounts.

ITSS Solution: This new network allows for three major changes for our client.

1. The client gets control of their network back.  

2. The client will save some money

3. The business will now have increase uptime and bandwidth.

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