The question of whether having an in-house IT unit or employing an outside IT source is vital to a blossoming business. An in-house IT squad is an attractive option to many newborn businesses since there will be someone on their staff to fix their issues ASAP. The person who wears the IT support hat in-house could also be wearing the hat of another vital business function— maybe owner, president, or manager. Why would you want to take that person out of their element to make them troubleshoot your technology when you could hire experts outside of your company?

Even if the person running IT has a great background in technology and IT, they could become stagnant in their work. The IT person on your staff could become obsolete quickly because they don’t adopt new technology. Oftentimes, the in-house IT worker masters the current technology that the business is making use of which hinders their ability to learn new things. The technology industry is always changing and there will always be newer and better tech on the market. Why limit yourself to one person managing your old equipment when someone on the outside could open your eyes to better technology?

An in-house IT support person is also very knowledgeable on the current problems that are facing your business’s technology. They could become so preoccupied with the problems that they’re aware of that other issues may go over their head. An outside source of IT can step in, examine the business from their outside perspective, and point out problems that might’ve been accidentally ignored by an in-house IT worker.

An in-house IT worker is also being paid by your company. Their paycheck depends on their success within the company and this can actually hinder an IT worker’s success. Someone under your employment will have a harder time pointing out problems and inefficiencies within your company than someone who’s looking from the outside. This can be especially bad if the in-house worker is new or younger than their bosses. Someone on the inside also may be apprehensive to point out bad employee behavior or bring up incriminating search histories because of personal relationships.

The good thing about an outside IT source is that if you come to us with a problem, chances are we’ve already solved your exact problem 5 times over so we’ve already put in the time and work to vet out solutions. This makes your IT a non-stressful situation where we can come in, suggest solutions, and take action ASAP. We can always give you an unbiased opinion and give it to you straight instead of giving you the run-around or cushioning hard problems. We’re an outside company that’s able to provide you with a different perspective and new solutions.

Lastly, a problem that we’ve seen and fixed is that when coming into a company who has recently switched from an in-house IT unit to an outside IT source is that the in-house IT worker had been downloading and using some computer products illegally. We’re not saying that every in-house IT worker is using technology without proper paid licensing, but it’s definitely a possibility that you want to avoid. Go to a trusted outside IT company with a good reputation to set your business’s tech straight.