So you’ve just started your first business and you’re getting all your ducks in a row. You’ve hired some stellar talent, have a great office space to work in, and even a client or two lined up. Next comes setting up the technical side of your business, which can include payroll, a handbook, and your business’s technology. The first two aren’t too hard, but should you try and tackle your own IT? You may think that it’ll be easy; set up a few computers, the wifi, and a printer or two, but it may not be that simple.

Perhaps you’re a lawyer and you can charge people $300 per hour of work that you completethat’s $300 for just one hour of case work with clients. If you try to be your law firm’s IT support, you are instantly throwing away potential profits. Would you rather sit down and try to troubleshoot wifi or do the job that’s going to benefit your small business?


We don’t expect you to have the time to set up a printer or learn something like Sharepoint when you’re charging people $300 for just an hour of your time! Even if you’re not a lawyer who racks up large bills to send to clients, there’s no reason to waste company time on something that you’re not an expert in. Your time can be better spent handling something that you’re familiar with in your field. What may take you a few hours to learn, troubleshoot, and setup could take an outside IT source 20 minutes. It’s what they do for a living and they’ve probably already solved your problem a hundred times over.


It’s a tough realization but you can’t try to be your own IT support if you expect to have the best technology on the market. You’re not in the business of information technology, so those of us who actually are in the field don’t expect you to know what the best tech is for your business. We’re here to make your technology decisions simple and make your life easier. If you try to be the expert in your company’s IT you’ll quickly find yourself buried in an infinite sea of options and possibilities. IT companies are eager to make sense of those endless options and recommend products that will yield the highest benefit for you.


Being your own IT support can also leave you open to cyber attacks because you might not understand the best way to protect your data. Outside IT companies can easily test your system and make sure that you’re not leaving yourself and your business vulnerable. Did you know that we can set you up with brand new hands free conference equipment? Or that we can make sense of the cloud, firewalls, wifi, printers, etc., for you? We can even recommend software to monitor which of your employees accounts have been compromised.


What we’re ultimately saying is that there’s no reason for you to try and tackle IT by yourself if you don’t have a background in the field. There are experts out there willing to work with your company’s needs and set you up for success. They have a wide range of knowledge on the highest quality systems in the industry and they’re always learning about new tech to implement.