Do you have that old leather jacket you love to wear? You know the one, it’s from college and you think back to the good times whenever you put it on. You tolerate the zipper that is broken because you love the jacket. You just haven’t bothered to get it fixed. Or that door at home that never seems to close right. It sticks and you keep saying, “We need to get that fixed,” but you never get around to it. No, IT Support Specialist’s is not branching into tailoring or home repair.

We see this all the time with workstations and servers. You’re busy, and it’s not that annoying. You just close the pop up window on your laptop when the error comes up, no big deal. You think I need to tell IT about this.

If you don’t tell us about little annoyances and problems, we can’t fix them for you!

“It wasn’t that big of deal that my laptop only connected to certain wi-fi sites. I had unlimited data, so it didn’t matter. I just used my hotspot anyways. Then….my data plan changed,” comments Rob Felber from Felber PR & Marketing. “Now, I wanted to use the free wi-fi and could not access it.”

“There was a setting wrong on the laptop. It took us three minutes to fix and test,” reports Bill Barlock from IT Support Specialists. “Now, Rob can connect everywhere with no issue.” Bill from IT was correct. If he did not know of the problem, how could he fix it?

Why wouldn’t you tell the doctor if you’ve had a minor cough for a while? It could turn into something bad and it could just be something minor. All we’re trying to say is that minor inconveniences don’t have to stay inconveniences. We want to help prevent these little annoyances from becoming major issues, like Rob’s situation. 

Do you have annoying errors or programs that just aren’t working like they used to work? Take a photo of the screen, use the IT client portal to place a ticket for service or simply call IT Support Specialists today. We can’t help with the leather jacket, the sticky door, or the cough but we can get that long overdue tune up you need on your most precious work resource – your computers. Give us a call! IT Support Specialists (216) 771-1600.